Trucking Accidents

Truck traffic in this area of California includes cargo transport to and from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Big rig trucks headed for and departing from these locations certainly contribute to crowded conditions on area streets and highways. Trucks pose hazards in traffic even under ordinary traffic conditions. It is therefore not surprising (though often tragic) that serious accidents occur with greater frequency when traffic is heavy.

Besides traffic congestion, other known causes of truck accidents include driver fatigue, defective truck parts or equipment, hazards of road construction detours, and drug and alcohol usage by drivers.

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to a truck accident, you can count on the trucking company to be aggressive in defending itself. Large companies often have in-house counsel who spring to action. Truck companies recognize that stakes are high when their insurers may be at risk of having to pay out large sums of money for compensation.

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You can depend on Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP for sound advice and vigorous representation after a truck accident or any motor vehicle accident in Southern California.

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