Probate & Estate Administration

Probate is the legal process by which an estate’s assets are distributed to the estate’s intended beneficiaries or heirs under the supervision of the probate court. Many people have misunderstandings about probate, but you should know that probate does not have to be expensive, complicated or time-consuming.

At Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP, we have been providing probate and estate administration services for many years, for estates of all sizes and complexities. We have the knowledge and systems in place in order to complete the process in an efficient and timely manner.

Our firm provides complete probate and estate administration services. Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP can File the probate petition, Notify the beneficiaries, heirs and creditors of the estate, Assist in marshalling the estate’s assets, Advise the executor or estate administrator about selling or reinvesting estate assets during probate, Perform all accountings and arrange for the preparation and filing of tax returns, Assist in distributing the estate’s assets if necessary.

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Efficient Torrance Probate Attorneys

In California, the average probate takes about one year from start to finish. At Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP, as a result of our experience and efficiency, we can often complete our probates in just seven months in time. We have the experience needed to recognize potential problems while taking correct measures to resolve them early in the process. Our goal in every probate is to complete the process as quickly, efficiently and carefully as possible.

Probate can be avoided through the proper use of a trust or other legal instruments. Our lawyers can discuss your needs and recommend the solution that is right for you.

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