Pedestrian Accidents

The beach areas around Torrance and in neighboring communities attract many walkers and joggers and these areas also see many vehicles come and leave. However, beach areas are not the only places where pedestrian accidents occur. Although California has strict pedestrian-friendly laws, many accidents do occur in all kinds of settings, including at intersections, in places where walking paths cross streets, on college campuses and in busy commercial districts of cities of all sizes.

Pedestrian accidents can involve children, elderly people or disabled people who are slow about crossing streets. Even if they have the right of way, people in these categories tend to be at risk of pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents can result in serious or catastrophic injuries or fatalities. Broken bones, head injuries, back and neck injuries and spinal cord injuries are common consequences of pedestrian accidents.

Torrance pedestrian accident attorneys at the law offices of Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP offer free initial case analyses to victims of these types of accidents. We can advise you in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident, a motorcycle-pedestrian accident or even a bicycle-pedestrian accident.

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