Motorcycle Accidents

California’s mild weather is a main attraction for bikers. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious or catastrophic injuries or death.

Even when a crash was clearly the fault of the driver of a car or truck, people responsible for assigning fault tend to pledge to the idea that motorcyclists assume risks. This notion can translate to severer dealings with injured motorcyclists than with injury victims in car or truck accidents.

Another challenge in motorcycle accident cases is the limited insurance that many motorcyclists carry. This is all the more reason to work hard to determine whether another motorist or any other person and hold negligent parties liable for damages.

With regard to California motorcycle accidents, it may be important to know that it is legal in this state for motorcyclists to split lanes – meaning, to ride between lanes to pass cars, traveling up to 15 miles faster than other traffic. While this type of maneuver is legal, it may be a factor in a motorcycle accident.

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