Conservatorships & Guardianships

Palos Verdes Guardianship Attorneys

California law allows for the creation of a guardianship (for people under the age of 18) or a conservatorship (for people over 18) when a person becomes legally incapacitated and can no longer manage his or her own affairs.

At Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP, we create guardianships, conservatorships and other legal vehicles, which can provide for the needs of incapacitated persons. Disputes can sometimes arise over the creation of a conservatorship. Our firm can commence litigation on your behalf in order to achieve your goals.

If a loved one desires the protection that a guardianship or conservatorship can provide, contact our firm.

Torrance Conservatorship Attorneys

When you are creating a conservatorship, it is important to choose a conservator who is truthful and is capable of handling the many tasks expected of a conservator. Our firm can discuss these issues and explain the legal process. We can also prepare the petition and supporting documentation needed to obtain a conservatorship and present it to the court.

We can also recommend methods that can be taken in an estate plan that can avoid the need for a conservatorship. An attorney at our firm can review your situation and recommend the right solution for you.

Emergency Conservatorships

An accident or unexpected onset of incapacity can result in an instant need for a conservatorship. Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP can act quickly in these situations while putting in place the legal instruments that create a conservatorship and provide for the needs of the incapacitated person.

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