Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle usage runs the range from children riding for fun to executives commuting by bike. Recreational bicycling by tourists and outdoor enthusiasts and college students using bicycles to get around campus are two other popular examples of reasons for bicycling. Some people ride bicycles to save on gasoline, while others do so primarily with environmental and health factors in mind. Bicycling on paths near the beach is a fun way for people to enjoy our optimal California weather and get some good exercise.

Unfortunately, bicycling also creates chances for accidents. This includes colliding with the front end of a car, the windshield and the pavement, neck and back injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and lacerations. Other bicycle accidents may not involve a vehicle at all, but instead, a pothole or a dog suddenly running in front of the bike. Medical bills are usually very expensive whether a bicycle accident involves a bicycle only, a bicycle and identified vehicle or an unknown vehicle in a hit-and-run crash. An injured bicyclist will most likely be unable to work for quite a few days, weeks or months. Lasting disabilities or death may be the ultimate outcome.

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A review of your bicycle accident case by an experienced lawyer is the very first step in meeting the financial challenges after a crash. This can help maximize your recovery of compensation from any negligent party or parties, or even your own insurance company. Burkley Brandlin Swatik & Keesey LLP offers compassionate legal counsel and zealous representation to people injured in bicycle accidents.

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